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Felicia Bosarge is thrilled to be the Transitional Kindergarten Teacher at Liberty School. She grew up on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama. When she graduated from Auburn University, she married her high school sweetheart. She joined him in Boston, where they lived for nine years. There, Felicia attained her Massachusetts Lifetime Teaching Credential. She taught in a traditional kindergarten class, a Victorian Farmhouse, and an affluent private school. After relocating to Los Angeles, Felicia taught on the Lot of Paramount Pictures. In LA, she also served as a California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher with college students shadowing her in the classroom as part of their training.

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Felicia’s last move was with her husband to Petaluma, where she put her teaching career on hold to start a family. They had two sons and she was a full-time mom, until her youngest started school. She then began subbing. From there she has worked as the Waugh GATE Coordinator and the editor/sponsor of the Corona Creek School Newspaper, The Cougar Chronicle. For the last few years, Felicia has been an administrator of the ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessments for California) throughout the Old Adobe School District.  However, all that ended when she walked on the campus of Liberty School; she knew it was home.



While Felicia is actually a happily married “Mrs” - her students refer to her as “Miss Felicia.” Being from Alabama, “Miss” is used with a first name as a sign of respect and affection. She was called that growing up and it stuck. Felicia and her family love high school and college football (especially SEC). When she is not working with 4 and 5-year-olds, she enjoys eating candy, watching old movies, and traveling.                                                           


The TK classroom aide is, Mrs. Cindy Worden. She has worked at Liberty for 13 years. She is an alumna of the school. Mrs. Worden was the 4th generation to attend, her children followed in her footsteps, and she hopes that one day her grandchildren will be students at Liberty. She loves arts & crafts and will often lead many fun and messy projects in the classroom. Miss Felicia and Mrs. Worden enjoy working together in the TK. They believe that no matter the age or background of the children, they all need the same things - discipline and love!