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Modified - 10/01/2021 01:24pm Purpose of Transitional Kindergarten

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Purpose of TK....

Our main focus in Transitional Kindergarten is basic Social Skills: compassion, kindness, manners, patience, and independence. We want students to establish clear communication, express ideas, and reason using language. Language arts, math, science, history, social studies, music, and art are covered daily in our classroom.

Transitional Kindergarten is an exciting time for children! They learn by exploring new things and new places. In TK we work to help children develop a strong sense of self discipline and love for the world around them. Children learn many life skills – how to get along with others, take turns, and share. We sing songs, read poetry, and finger paint. We learn about ourselves and those around us. We learn colors, shapes, and numbers, as well as, how to write our names. We learn how to be a good student and a good friend. We learn to be respectable, responsible, and safe… and so much more!

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Why Play Matters....


Play is one of the main ways in which a child learns and develops. It helps to build self-esteem by giving a child a sense of his or her own abilities and to feel good about themselves. Because it’s fun, a child often becomes very absorbed in what they are doing. Children develop many skills through play - language, emotions, creativity and social skills. Play helps to nurture imagination and give a child a sense of adventure. Through this, they can learn essential skills such as problem solving, working with others, sharing and much more. Learning through play is important; it encourages literacy and numeracy skills. It helps a child make sense of the world, and aids in their emotional and physical development. It helps them develop the ability to concentrate. Play is a child's work and busy is the child at play!