Liberty Elementary School Teachers

Dedicated to Achievement

Liberty Elementary School’s dedicated teaching staff create challenging and safe learning environments that encourage academic excellence, communication, and cooperation with peers.

Communication between a parent and teacher is important too—you can see  your child’s class projects on our class page, view general class and teacher information, and access computer assignments online.

School Phone  (707) 795-4380


TK-6 Teaching Staff 


TK/K               Melissa Sapiane          (x103)               

K/1                  Lori Bianchini             (x104)               

1                      Jolene Baxman            (x107)               

2                      Katie Lundy                (x108)               

2/3                   Julie Tunzi                  (x105)               

3                      Laura Berg                  (x101)               

4                      Jeff Ray                       (x112)               

5                      Nicholas Buckley        (x113)               

6                      Judy Bowser               (x114)               


Special Teaching Staff


RSP                 Molly Sheedy             (x118)               


Support Staff   


Music              Robin Danskin                                       

Science            Amy D’Ambrogia       (x110)                

Library             Donna Ely                   (x111)                

PE                    Krista Lewis                                          

Speech            Danielle Melanephy      (x117)                

Science            Cindy Pomi                 (x110)                

Technology     Cindy Pomi                 (x109)                

Technology     Maralyn Riedel           (x109)                

Cloud Room    Tammy Thomas          (x122)               

Math Spec.      Rene Wiener               (x116)