Liberty Elementary School Teachers

Dedicated to Achievement

Liberty Elementary School’s dedicated teaching staff create challenging and safe learning environments that encourage academic excellence, communication, and cooperation with peers.

Communication between a parent and teacher is important too—you can see  your child’s class projects on our class page, view general class and teacher information, and access computer assignments online.


School Phone  795-4380


District Staff                           (phone extension)

Chris Rafanelli, Superintendent/Principal    (x200)

Amy Grant, District Secretary                     (x100)

Lupita Ramirez, Business Office                 (x126)

Rick Hansen, Lead Custodian                      (x121)

Balta Martin, Custodian                               (x121)


K-6 Teaching Staff (phone extension)

TK    Felicia Bosarge           (x102)

K      Melissa Sapiane       (x103)

K/1   Lori Bianchini          (x104)

1       Jolene Baxman         (x107)

2       Katie Lundy             (x108)

2/3    Tonita Barajas          (x105)

3       Julie Tunzi               (x101)

4       Jordyn Bacon           (x112)

5       Michael Brill           (x113)

6       Judy Bowser            (x114)


Special Teaching Staff

Molly Sheedy, RSP Teacher (x118)



Support Staff                                (phone extension)

Maralyn Riedel Technology  

Cindy Pomi, Technology                               (x109)

Geri Johnston, Tech Cur, Coordinator           (x119)

Donna Ely, Librarian & Math Specialist        (x111)

TBA, Computer Asst.

Cindy Pomi, Science Instructor                    (x110)

Amy D’Ambrogia, Science Instructor          (x110)

Krista Lewis, P.E. Instructor

Rene Wiener, Math Specialist                        (x116)

Tammy Thomas, Cloud Room                       (x122)                              

TBA, Music Instructor

Tracey Eaton, Nurse                                       (x125)

Joseph Heil, Psych.

Danielle Melanephey, Speech                         (x117)

Samantha Shura, Occupational Therapy       (x127)

Jenel Dunbar, Coordintor,  After-School Enrichment & Facilities                                                    (x123)

TBA, Reading Specialist

Health Tech, Dee Luiz




Board of Trustees

Bob Koenitzer, Trustee

Beldon Panter, President

Bret Herman, Trustee

Jenna Leal, Trustee

Colleen Shoop, Trustee


Classroom Aides

TK   Cindy Worden

K     Hisela Barajas

K/1  Akeesa Florez

1      Paulina Crowell  

2      Mary Durling/ Tammy Thomas   

2/3   Dee Luiz  

3      TBA

4      Jenel Dunbar & Danita Mazoleni

5      Lisa Jack  & Emily Anzelc

6      Aubrey Barajas  



RSP  Celia Grant

Support Aide   Kathy Fowler

Support Aide   Nanci Moody