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•  Welcome to 2nd Grade.  Can't wait to get started on a fun year of in-person learning.

•  Parents, please turn in Back to School paperwork (online/hard copies) as soon as possible.  Any hard copies can be sent to school with your child.

•  Having your child bring a refillable water bottle is a good idea.  Please label the water bottle with your child's name.



•   Library books are due back BEFORE Thursday

•  Wear a Liberty shirt or any blue shirt on Fridays

•  August 20 - school picture day


• August 18-20 - Parents read the first day of school letter and fill out the Parent Inventory. This Inventory will get sent back to school with your child. Students
need to complete the "Taco 'bout Me" activity and return it to school on Friday. 

for later in the year.....

•  AR tests...first test due Friday, second test due Monday/Tuesday, third test due Tuesday/Wednesday.  
Remember all books are due on Wednesday.

•  Mad Minutes:  grade level for November 30 = 20/30 for addition and subtraction facts

•  Daycare offers a homework club Mondays-Thursdays.  If you'd like your child to attend the homework club please let Daycare know.