School Board   

The Board of Trustees is comprised of five members, each serving a four year term. Trustees are either elected or appointed to the position. The term of office runs from December to December of each year. Trustees must be citizens of the state of California, registered voters, and live within the district's boundaries. The Board usually meets once each month in the library. The agenda is posted in the office window three days prior to the meeting and lists the topics of discussion. Board meetings are open meetings and guests are welcome to attend. Closed sessions may be held before or after the open meeting. Once per year, the Board sponsors a goal setting session in order to receive public input prior to setting their goals. Although the Board has many responsibilities, its main functions are to employ and evaluate the Superintendent, establish and review district policy, monitor and approve the budget, and oversee the facility.

To contact a Board member, please call the school office at (707) 795-4380.

Board of Trustees 2022-2023

Bret Herman, Trustee
Term: 2022-2026

Jamie Fowler, Trustee
Term: 2022-2026
Jenna Leal, Clerk
Term: 2020-2024
Ron Evenich, Trustee
Term: 2022-2026
Beldon Panter, President
Term: 2020-2024

Liberty School Board Meetings 2022-2023

All Board meetings are held at 5:15 pm in the Staff Room unless noted

Thursday, August 11th  Thursday, September 15thThursday, October 20th
Thursday, November 17th Tuesday, December 15th
  5:30 closed session, 6:15 open to public.

Thursday January 19th
Thursday, February 23rdTuesday, March 14thThursday, April 20th  6:00 pm
Thursday, May 18th  Thursday, June 15th   

School Board Meeting Agendas