Steelhead Fish Live WebCam Link:
Below is the link to a live WebCam of the Steelhead Fish in our science classroom.  We put the eggs in the tank on Wednesday February 22nd.  They are at the "eyed" egg stage.  If you watch closely you should be able to see the eyes move around a little bit.  The fish should hatch out of their eggs by Monday February 27th or Tuesday February 28th.  At this point they will be at the alevin stage with their egg sack still attached.  They will wiggle their way into the gravel and hide for about 2 weeks until most of the sack is absorbed by their bodies.  Once absorbed,  they will swim up out of the gravel and be small fry in our tank.  If you or your families have any questions please email either Mrs. Pomi ( or Mrs. D (
Happy Observing! (Please note: the tank light is only on from 8am to 9pm)