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Modified - 12/05/2020 10:28am Weeks of December 7th and December 14th
Summary: Week of Dec 7th: K-3: Will be learning about Snowflakes and forming our snowflakes for a Borax crystal solution. 4th Grade: Make up lesson on constellations. 5th and 6th Grades: Make up lesson on bird wings. Week of December 14th: K-3: Will be learning how and why animals hibernate in the winter. 4th - 6th Grades: Will be learning about snowflakes and making paper snowflakes. Below is a link for templates to make paper snowflakes and the game boards for the Bear Hibernation Memory Game! Also below are some videos about snowflakes! Happy December!
Here is the link to for paper snowflake templates:

Here are the Bear Hibernation Game Boards:

Here are the snowflake videos:

Here's a link to a Discovery Channel Snowflake Video: