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Modified - 11/29/2020 02:35pm Week of November 30th - Constellations!
Summary: This is the final week of our space unit. This week we'll travel out of our own solar system to explore stars and constellations! We'll learn about a few different constellations we can see in the night sky right now, and then build models of them with the pipe cleaners and star beads we sent home. Below is a PDF of other constellations if you want to learn more, as well as a star chart. Also below is a Mystery Science video with another project that you can do at home! Happy Stargazing!
Here are more constellations to practice:
/home/CA49707976051833/.blogs/post22148/Constellation%20Flashcards.pdf Constellation Flashcards.pdf
Here is the star chart for December - What can you find in the night sky?
/home/CA49707976051833/.blogs/post22148/December%202020%20Star%20Chart.pdf December 2020 Star Chart.pdf 

Here is the link to the Mystery Science video: