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Modified - 11/12/2020 10:14am Week of November 16th - Earth, Sun and Moon
Summary: This is week 3 of our space unit! We've learned about the Moon and the Sun and today we'll learn about how the Moon, Earth and Sun all work together as a system and make a model! We know that the Earth travels (or revolves) around the Sun once a year and that it rotates on its axis once a day. We also know that the Moon revolves around the Earth once a month and also rotates on its own axis about once a month (which is why we always see the same side of the moon). To help us understand all of this movement we'll make a model of this system. In your science packet is a paper plate for the sun, a card stock printout of the Earth and Moon as well as some brads to put it all together. Below are copies of the printouts if you need extra. Below is a picture of the finished model. Also below is a video about the Sun, Moon and Earth system. Happy Spinning!
Here is a video of a 3D model like the paper model we are making:


Here is a copy of the Earth and Moon to make your model: