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Modified - 11/10/2020 09:11am Week of November 9th - The Earth and the Sun!
Summary: Last week we started our space unit by learning about our closest neighbor in the solar system - The Moon! This week, we're going to travel much farther and visit our very own star - The Sun! The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours creating day and night on opposite sides of the Earth based on which side is facing the sun. This week, we'll be acting out this rotation to get a better understanding of this phenomenon. Below are the PDF's of what was sent home in the packets, along with a video about day and night.
Here are the printouts for the experiment:

/home/CA49707976051833/.blogs/post22145/The_Sun.pdf The_Sun.pdf

Here is the link to the Mystery Science project we did in class - it has the directions for the experiment:

Here is a video about the Earth's rotation and Day and Night: