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Modified - 11/06/2020 12:03pm Week of November 2nd - The Moon!
Summary: This week we are starting our unit on space. What better place to start than with our own moon! In your science envelope is a Moon journal. We would like you to look up into the sky every night (or whenever possible) and record what the moon looks like. Is it changing shape? Is its position in the sky changing? We've included a copy of the Moon journal below as well as an activity where you can make phases of the Moon with Oreos! We've also included a few cool links to more information on the moon. Happy Moon Observing!
Here is a copy of the Moon Journal:

Here is a link to the Moon Phases every night to help fill out your Moon Journal if you can't see it in the sky!

Here is a copy of the Oreo Moon Project:

Here is a video of Apollo 11 Moon mission:

Here is a link to Spaceplace Nasa and the Moon!: