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Modified - 10/17/2020 12:56pm Week of October 19th - Birds Part 3 - Wings!
Summary: Wings! The last two weeks we've learned about some really cool adaptations that birds have in both their feathers and beaks. This week we're going to take a closer look at their wings! Did you know that not all birds can fly? Did you know that some birds use their wings almost like flippers under the water? Did you know that other birds have huge wings that help them soar really high in the air? We're going to compare different types of bird wings with different types of airplanes! We're making a paper airplane in class (the instructions are below along with the worksheet we did in class). We're also including a link to other paper airplane designs and a cool video about how birds fly! Let's take off!

/home/CA49707976051833/.blogs/post22139/Paper%20Airplane%20Instructions.pdf Paper Airplane Instructions.pdf

Here is a link to other paper airplane designs:

Here is a video on how birds fly: