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Modified - 10/11/2020 08:05pm Week of October 12th - Birds Part 2 - Bird Beak Adaptations!
Summary: Last week we started to learn about birds and that they are the only animal with feathers! This week we'll take a closer look at different bird beaks! Birds have many different kinds of beaks because not all birds eat the same things - this is an adaptation! In our lab, we will use different tools that model different kinds of beaks to "eat" several different types of food! Which beak works best for which kind of food? Below is an example of how to set up your science notebook for this experiment as well as a bird beak video! Tweet, tweet!
Here are the directions for the Bird Beak Lab:
/home/CA49707976051833/.blogs/post22138/Bird%20Beaks%20Student-1.pdf Bird Beak: Lab Directions

Here is a video on bird beaks: