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Modified - 09/11/2020 03:07pm Week of September 7th - Sound Observations
Summary: This week we are going to focus our observation skills on sounds that we hear. You will be sitting in one spot and listening. As you listen you will sketch a map of what you hear - this is called a Soundscape map. You might hear a car or dog barking or bees buzzing - draw what you hear. Below are examples of soundscapes that Mrs. Pomi and Mrs D did. We practiced in class by drawing sounds of birds that we heard in a video (this video is attached below too). When you are finished with this project, you might try the Mystery Science Project on Sounds.
/home/CA49707976051833/.blogs/post22122/Mrs._Pomi_s_sound_scape.jpeg Mrs._Pomi's_Soundscape

Bird Call Video we watched in class:


Extra Sound Project to try with Mystery Science Link: