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Class Rules

             1. Listen with your eyes, ears, and hearts

                                                                     2. Be respectful to your classmates and yourself

                                                                     3. Follow the directions

                                                                     4. Do your personal best

                                                                     5. Use walking feet in the classroom and hallways

                                                                     6. Raise a quite hand

                                                                     7. Have fun!

Levels of Behavior
                                                 -Not following the directions
                                                                              -Non participation
                                                                              -Hitting, pushing, or biting
                                                                              -Out of control behavior

                                                                              -Following the directions
                                                                              -Taking care of equipment and supplies
                                                                              -Respecting others 
                                                                              -Under control behavior

                                                                             -Being self- responsible
                                                                             -Returning equipment and supplies
                                                                             -Helping others
                                                                             -Acting as a role model