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Chinatown Field Trip

Thursday, June 4, 2020


Dear families,

         We have a very exciting trip coming up soon; the Chinatown field trip has been one of Sixth Grade’s favorite experiences. We will start out touring Chinatown with our knowledgeable guide, Linda Lee, who has led trips for Liberty School for the last many years. Then, we will have lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and finally, we will be able to shop at a store for a short while.

However, along with fun comes responsibility. The Chinatown trip is a reward for all the hard work our sixth graders have done this year, especially for reading this last trimester. Students need to have reached 100% of their ACR goal by June 3, which is the last day to test on a book. Behavior/citizenship is also a factor which will be will be measured both in and out of the classroom in order to attend the field trip. For most of our students this should be no problem, however, now that it is nearing the end of school, some students are forgetting their manners and job as role models.

This is really a fun trip that we all enjoy. We need at least seven drivers so that we may all attend this wonderful experience. Please do not sign up to drive if there is any chance you won't be able to drive. Last minute cancellations are very difficult to overcome. Extra parents are welcome, however due to budget constraints, we are asking all adults to pre-pay $24.00 each (this includes lunch and tour) by May 29. A check made out to All About Chinatown Tours would be preferable. I will need to let the restaurant know ahead of time our numbers for lunch. Drivers will also need to pay for the parking garage in Chinatown (this has been about $16.00 in the past).

Special note: When we shop in Chinatown, I do not allow students to buy firecrackers, fake weapons, etc.