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August 16, 2017

  • Note from the Principal-We are off to a great start at Liberty.  The first day of school went very smoothly.  It is exciting to be in a school community where everyone is working hard to make school a wonderful learning place for our students.  You have every right to feel proud to be a part of the Liberty School community. 


  • Morning GreetersKeri Michelucci is still looking for one morning greeter for Thursdays.  If you may be able to help out, please contact Keri at


  • Electronic Wednesday Note-As a part of our effort to save money and reduce our consumption of natural resources, the Wednesday Note is also electronic.  Please check out our website every Wednesday for our updated Wednesday Note and to sign up for an email reminder of any updates. 


  • Back to School Night-Wednesday, August 23

Back to School Night Schedule:

          6:00             RSP and Computer Lab (Register for e-scrip, etc.)

          6:30             Primary Grades (K – 3)

          7:15             Intermediate Grades (4 – 6)

7:55             Time to go home!


We look forward to seeing all of the parents at Back to School Night next week.  Back to School night is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher and become acquainted with classroom curriculum, procedures, goals and expectations.  We are proud of our school and educational programs and welcome the opportunity to meet the students’ parents and share our plans with you. 


Please respect the fact that Back to School night is not a time for individual conferences.  With so many parents, your child’s teacher does not have time to discuss individual student progress and concerns.  If you do have concerns about your child, please arrange a phone contact or conference time with your child’s teacher for another date.  Keep in mind that we will schedule regular conferences in November.


Back to School night is not a time to bring children.  It is a time for parents and teachers.  Daycare will be available for school aged children only.  However you must call in advance to reserve a spot!  In order to reserve a spot you must call Daycare by August 22nd at the latest!  There will be no “drop-in” Daycare for Back to School Night. It will be provided on a reservation only basis.  Call 795-4380


  • Please make sure all school forms and emergency kits are turned into the office.  Thanks!


  • Family Fun Night-This Friday, beginning at 6:00 is our annual Family Fun Night/Welcome Back Dinner and movie on the playground.  In addition to dinner and a movie, we will also have our annual ice cream social, an assembly at 7:15 in the amphitheater, Liberty t-shirt sales, This year, the movie, Sing, rated PG, will be featured on the lawn.  If you stay for the movie, please have your child(ren) with you during the playing of the film.  The playground area will be off-limits during the movie.          

To Ponder…

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-Thomas Edison