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February 21, 2018

 ·         Game Day – Today your child(ren) spent the day moving around our campus learning and trying different types of games.  Research has shown that playing games has many benefits beyond the obvious fun and social camaraderie.  Some of the benefits are: the encouragement of players to detect patterns, to plan ahead, to predict outcomes of alternative moves, to learn from experience, to improve deductive logic and better understanding of number sense.  While we hosted Game Day to improve our students ability to use their skills honed here on a daily basis, they had a good time and hopefully families can share some of these games together at home. 

·         Wednesday Pick-Up – If you are picking up for 1st through 6th grade on Wednesday, please remember that our Kindergarten families are picking up at 11:45 and we need the drive through clear for those families.  If you arrive early for 1st through 6th grade pick-up, please loop around again to allow the Kindergarten families to access the loop or park and wait a few minutes in a regular parking space.  Thank you! 

·         Morning Drop-Off – We are very lucky to have parent volunteers to help us keep our morning drop-off safe and efficient.  To help us keep our students safe, please review the following guidelines:

o   Children should exit their vehicle only when reaching the morning greeters,

o   Children should use the passenger side of the car to exit,

o   Children should be preparing to exit prior to reaching the morning greeters,

o   Please allow the morning greeters to close the car door to allow the child to move away from the vehicle.

·         IT’S BOX TOP SUBMISSION TIME! - It’s time to send in your all of your Box Tops and collection sheets, completed or not.  Please bring them into your classroom and put them into your Box Top collection box or turn them into Mrs. Sapiane, by Friday, February 23rd.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or 795-4380.  Thanks for all your help!

 ·         Liberty Talent Show - Attention singers, dancers, musicians, gymnasts, magicians and all the other creative Liberty students!  We want you to perform your amazing talents in the 8th Annual Liberty Talent Show on Friday, April 27th.  Auditions will take place in the multi-purpose room on Tuesday, March 27th.  Look for permission slips and information packets going home this week.  

 ·         Spring Break Daycare - Spring Break Daycare sign-ups are in the daycare room. Please sign up if you will need childcare. 


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