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     TK is a new and fun beginning for students and parents.  It is also a great opportunity for your child to learn and practice good homework/study habits.  To begin students should be seated in a quiet place, away from other siblings and distractions.  All homework should be completed with a PENCIL or CRAYONS (when asked to color).  Pens do not allow students to erase their mistakes and markers bleed through the paper making it difficult for me to correct.  In class and at home I expect students to do their best job on all of their work.  It should be neat, with no other marking/drawings on the page. 

     Please use a pencil when completing handwriting.  You can help your child with handwriting by making sure that your child always starts at the top, puts 2 finger spaces between each letter, and that all letters are written between the lines. 

     Homework is a time for students to practice the skills they are learning in school.  It is important that the homework is fully completed and turned in on time each week.  Your child is given a week to complete all of their homework.  Please take the entire week to complete it. Trying to complete it all in one day puts stress on you and your child.  Plus, your child doesn’t get the daily reinforcement that is required for optimum learning.

     It is very important to spend time helping your child read the directions and make sure they understand what is being asked of them. This will ensure that their homework is done correctly.  Before your child turns in his/ her homework help them double check to make sure that it is complete and accurate.

     Thank you for your help in getting your child set in good study habits early on in their education.