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•  If your child is getting picked up by another parent at our school please let the office or myself know before dismissal.  Thank you.  

•  We had a great week back to school.  It was nice to have time off, but also nice to get back into school routines.  

•  We have a field trip coming up to the Luther Burbank Center.  The kids and I will be taking a bus to the field trip on Wed. January 29.  We will be seeing the Super Scientific Circus.  Be on the lookout for a permission slip to come home next week.

•  Library in Motion is set up in the school library for the month of January.  Ask your child to tell you his/her favorite experiment.

•  For the last four weeks of school the kids have been reading a non-fiction book in class.  These books take about 10 minutes for the kids to read (twice).  I have been having them read the books in class so I can see how long they take to read and how well they are understanding the material.   I will begin sending the books home in the next week or two.  This means the kids will have three books to read each week and test on.  Knowing the books take only about ten minutes to read through twice means it won't add too much time to their weekly homework.  As for taking AR tests, I would suggest:  one book on Friday, one book on Monday/Tuesday, and the last book on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the non fiction book.  

•  If your child wants to participate in the science fair, the permission slip came home on Wednesday.  Kids need to turn in their permission forms into the office if they are interested.  


•   Library books are due back before Thursday

•  Wear a Liberty shirt or any blue shirt on Fridays

•  December 18 - Winter Program

•  December 20 - Sing-a-long/early dismissal 12:10

•  December 23-January 3 - Winter Break

•  January 20 - Martin Luther King Holiday, no school

•  January 24 - Father-Daughter Dance

•  January 29 - Field Trip to Luther Burbank Center (kids and teachers on bus)

•  February 7 - Pasta Feed/Field Trip to Helen Putnam Park

•  February 13 - Valentine Party and card exchange

•  February 14, 17-18 - Presidents' Holiday - no school

•  February 21 - Science Fair


•  January 13-17
Math - three pages (front and back)
reading comprehension (front and back)
• contractions/complete sentences
• Martin Luther King Jr. packet
•  Autobiography Project part 3 (Family Tradition/Customs) - turn this in by Friday, Jan. 17

•  AR tests...first test due Friday, second test due Monday/Tuesday, third test due Tuesday/Wednesday.  
Remember all books are due on Wednesday.

•  Mad Minutes:  grade level = 25/30 for addition and subtraction facts

•  Daycare offers a homework club Mondays-Thursdays.  If you'd like your child to attend the homework club please let Daycare know.