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•  The kids had a great time at the walk-a-thon on Friday.  It was hot at first but they hung in there and tried to keep cool.  It was great seeing so many families there as well.  Great job kids!!

•  Remember to sign the Go Home Folder when it comes home and return it to school with your child.

• Please make sure your child reads at least 100 pages every week and the pages are recorded on their reading logs. If kids don't read at least 100 pages a week they won't be able to attend the end of semester reading goal activity.

•  The kids should be writing more than one or two words when answering the weekly questionnaire (unless is specifically asks for a one word answer).  We have talked as a class and I have given many examples of how the questions should be answered.  The more information the better.  It is hard to write a detailed paragraph when there is only a one word answer.  For example, when it asked about what they liked about a new friend when they first met him/her and they only put fun, it is hard to describe in a detailed sentence about fun.  A better way to answer that question would be:  she was friendly and welcomed me into the game; he made me laugh and told funny jokes; she asked me to play with her at recess when I had no one to play with.  Please look over the questionnaires before they come back to school to check that your child has answers that would help them write a complete paragraph.  

•  If your child still has their blue lap punch card, please have them bring it to school on Monday so they can get credit for their laps.


•  October 18 - Petaluma Pumpkin Patch field trip

•  October 31 - Halloween Parade followed by class parties

•  November 8 - Veterans Day Program

•  November 9-10 - Veterans Day Holiday (no school)

•  November 13-21 - Parent Conferences (12:10 dismissal)

HALLOWEEN NOTES:  Please send Halloween costumes to school in a bag with your child’s name on the outside (they cannot come to school dressed in a costume).  We will change into our costumes about 15 minutes before the parade.  You are welcome to come early and help your child get into their costume.  Please do not use adult restrooms to help your child change.  Our class party will follow the parade in the Multipurpose Room.