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•  Welcome Back.  Hope you all had a good summer.  Back to School Night is Wednesday, August 23.  I will be offering two sessions.  One after school from 12:00-12:30 and again at 6:30-7:10.  Those of you who can't make the evening session, or wish to come on your lunch hour/after school, are more than welcome to attend in the afternoon. If you let Daycare know ahead of time, there will be no charge for your student to stay at Daycare after school while you attend the afternoon session.  

•  Family Fun Night is August 18.  Return orders for dinner by Friday.  Emergency Packs are also due this day.

•  Picture Day is Friday, August 25.  

•  Our first birthday celebration will be on Wednesday, September 9.  We will celebrate August and September birthdays on this day.  Please provide healthy snacks/treats for the class.  Some good suggestions are crackers, cheese sticks, bagels/cream cheese, fruit kabobs, muffins, milk, pretzels, apples & peanut butter...There are many more ideas on line & Pinterest.

•  Liberty Foundation Drive -- The Liberty School Foundation is a wonderful team of staff, administrators, and families that coordinate the amazing events at Liberty School.  They strive to do the least amount of fundraising as possible but raise enough money to sponsor/ support many popular activities at our school.  These include no charge fieldtrips, Family Fun Night, Walk-a-Thon, Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Event, Pasta Feed, Thanksgiving Feast, May Day Breakfast, classroom stipends, etc.  When joining the foundation you not only are contributing to one of our biggest fundraisers of the year but you will get a classroom directory.  This will have each student’s contact information.  This directory makes coordinating play dates, sending party invites, or just contacting other families easy.  The foundation meets once a month on Monday evenings at 7:00.  All families are welcome to attend the meetings and be part of this great group!


•  Augus 18 - Family Fun Night & Emergency Packs due

•  August 23 - Back to School Night

•  August 25 - Picture Day 
•  September 4 - Labor Day, no school
•  October 6 - Walk-a-thon