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•  A good rule of thumb for taking AR tests...have your child read their first book on Thursday night and test on Friday (or keep it over the weekend and take the first test on Monday).  The second test can be done Tuesday/Wednesday.  Remember all books are due on Wednesday.

•  We finished up our apple unit this week and enjoyed apple pancakes, apple butter, and homemade applesauce.  Can't wait to try the rest of the products next week.  We also had apple variety tasting on Friday.  Golden Delicious was the favorite.

•  Classroom Parties/Volunteers - I missed handing out a sign up sheet at Back to School Night.  I do need a few parent helpers throughout the year.  If you are interested in any of the jobs/activities below, please email me.
- Apple Pancakes (you make at home and bring to school the morning of Sept. 13) - Thanks to Sawyer's mom for signing up the the pancakes.  They were delicious.
- Halloween Party organizer (I will send out a Sign Up Genius for the food, I just need someone to set it up)
- Spring Party (make pancakes at home and bring them to school the day of the party)
- End of Year Lunch (I will send out a Sign Up Genius for the food, I just need someone to set it up)
- Foundation Representative (attend monthly meetings)
- April Book Fair helper 


•   Library books are due back before Thursday

•  Wear a Liberty shirt or any blue shirt on Fridays

•  September 16 - no school

•  September 13-20 - Apple Tasting Extravaganza

•  September 27 - Field Trip to Petaluma Fair Ag Day

•  October 11 - Walk-a-thon

•  October 14 - no school

•  October 18 - Pumpkin patch field trip


•  Sept. 16-20
Math - two pages (front and back)
calendar pages (three total)

•  Daycare offers a homework club Mondays-Thursdays.  If you'd like your child to attend the homework club please let Daycare know.