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•  The kids have been working hard on their Winter Performance songs.  I hope you all will join us at Hessel Church to watch the program on Tuesday, December 19 at a 6:30pm.  
         Hessel Church -- 5060 Hessel Ave, Sebastopol

•  Remember to sign the RED GO HOME FOLDER when it comes home and return it to school with your child by Friday.  BLUE WEDNESDAY NOTE folders need to come back to school every week by Friday.

• Please make sure your child reads at least 100 pages every week and the pages are recorded on their reading logs. If kids don't read at least 100 pages a week they won't be able to attend the end of semester reading goal activity. Our next award will be at the end of the second trimester.  

•  Just a reminder about library books for the remainder of the year.  The kids will bring home two fiction books (these are to work on fluency, stamina, and comprehension), and one non-fiction (this is to work on recall of factual information and vocabulary).  The third book shouldn't add too much to your child's reading load.  They will be 10 pages with larger print.  I encourage them to read the books a few times - record the pages on the reading log for as many times as they read it - as these tests are often a bit more difficult because of the recall on facts & details.  I talked with many of you about this at conferences.  If you have any questions about the books, please let me know.  

•  Every year the Liberty Foundation hosts the Holiday Shop.  This is an opportunity for your child to shop for the members of your immediate family for the holidays.  For a few dollars your child can purchase new or slightly used items to give to your family.  This is always a much anticipated activity for the students.  Our shopping day will be December 18th.  Please be on the look out for the money envelope and flyer in the next week or two.

•  Just after Thanksgiving Break your child brought home a Random Acts of Kindness chain.  It had only 10 chains on it.  We encouraged each child to do an act of kindness at least every other day leading up to Christmas.  Many have said they have done a few things.  Please help them remember their chains and to try to do all 10 activities (or any they think of on their own) before Christmas.  Thank you.

•  All the Important People letters were sent out a few weeks ago. Many of the students have heard from their important person letting them know they received the letter.  If you haven't heard from your person, you may want to check in with them.  If something did not get delivered please let me know and we can try to send a second copy. 


•  December 11 - Field trip - Petaluma Wildlife Museum

•  December 19 - Winter Program

•  December 21 - Sing-a-long/early dismissal @12:10

•  December 22 - January 5 - Winter Break

•  January 12 - Science Fair

•  January 15 - Martin Luther King Holiday, no school

•  January 19 - Father/Daughter Dance

•  January 22 - Field Trip to Luther Burbank Center (bus - teachers & kids only)

•  February 2 - Field Trip to Helen Putnam Park/Pasta Dinner

•  February 16, 19-20 - Presidents' Holiday - no school