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September 2019
Teacher Notes

State Capital Trip is Set!

Fourth grade is heading to Sacramento! We will be taking a field trip to the California State Capital Building on Tuesday, October 1st. Students should bring a snack, a sack lunch, and a plastic bottle of water. You may keep them in a small back pack. Our tour begins at 10 a.m. and lasts for an hour. Our tour will offer a look at California's state history. We will see various offices and possibly the Senate and Representative Galleries. After the tour, we will have lunch together on the Capital Lawn and then head back to Liberty School. There will be a parking fee at the garage. This is a fun field trip that offers an insight to how our state government works!

Please make sure to sign the progress reports that appear in the Go-Home Folders before returning them to school.
Go-Home Folders will be sent home every Friday and students are required to return these folders signed by parents every Monday.
We appreciate your plastic water bottles and aluminum cans for the Fourth Grade Recycling Drive.
Fourth grade recycling pays the major portion of our field trips throughout the school year.
We cannot accept glass or plastic milk cartons. The recycling area is located between the two storage containers in the Multi Parking Lot.
To kick off the recycling drive, there will be a recycling contest on Family Fun Night. Save up your plastic bottles and aluminum cans for the evening!
*Reminder: Homework assignments are found in the Jeff Ray's Tablets Calendar section.*
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ACR Benchmark dates for First Trimester 2019-2020                                 Upcoming Trips/Events                                                                                                                  1/3 of trimester. . . . . . . .  Sept. 19                                                                   Sept. 24. . . . . . Zun Zun                                                                                                                     2/3 of trimester. . . . . . . . . Oct. 17                                                                   Oct. 1. . . . . . . .California State Captial field trip                                                                            Final ACR Testing Day. . Nov. 14                                                                   Oct. 22 . . . . . . Audubon Canyon Ranch field trip