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Due: Friday, May, 2017


Shoe Box Animal Report

Due: Friday, May 12, 2017


1. Research your animal:_________________


2. Find an old shoebox.


3. Paint or cover the outside and inside of the

   shoe box with paint or paper.


4. Make the habitat where your animal lives.


5. Make your animal out of Model Magic.   

   Model Magic air dries quickly. You can

   watercolor or paint your animal. Take your time

   to make sure your animal looks realistic.


6. Place your animal in the habitat.


7. Complete the attached animal report form.

   Glue the form to the back of the shoebox.


8. Smile and be proud of your work.


9. Turn your report in by Friday, May 12,



READING COMPREHENSION: Have your student read the story and answer the attached comprehension questions.

MATH:  Please have your child write the answer ("difference" ) for the subtraction problems.   Time your student for one minute to see how many problems they can correctly complete.  After the minute is up have them draw a line and complete the rest of the problems.  When they have completed the page, help them by double checking that they have written the correct answer for each problem.The Mad Minute benchmark for the 3rd trimester is 20/30 on both addition and subtraction Mad Minutes sums 9-18. 

SOUND UNITS: Please have your student produce each sound unit orally and practice spelling them. 

SIGHT WORD FLASHCARD REVIEW:  Please have your child continue to practice the sight word flashcards that were sent home last summer.  They should practice 5 at a time.  Once they have mastered those five add a few more.  Please continue to review the ones your child has mastered.  If you need another copy please contact me.

MATH FACTS FLASHCARDS: Please spend 5-10 minutes daily practicing the Math Fact triangles.  Remember to start with no more than 5 triangles.  Once those are memorized you may add more triangles to the pile.  Please remember to review the triangles that your student has already mastered to ensure that they are not forgotten. The benchmark for the June Report Card is 20/30 (sums 9-18) on both addition and subtraction. 


READING LOG: Read and record at least 100 pages on your child’s reading log. Please record any books that were sent home for your child to read during the week.  Your student should be reading the Scholastic Mini Books at least 3 times before sending them back to school.  Please help your student build comprehension by asking them questions after they have read the story. Please remember that if your child is not reading at least 100 pages weekly and turning in their reading logs on time that they will not be eligible to attend our special reading awards.  This includes movies, other fun awards and activities! 

Thank you for your at home support!

Mrs. Bianchini and Mrs. Baxman