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Baxman Bulletin


*Please have your child to school at 6:30 am

*Your child will NEED A BOOSTER SEAT!!!!

*Please send your child in appropriate walking attire, with water and a small backpack if they would like (they will carry all their belongings).

*We will provide your student with a snack

*I must be notified before leaving for Spring Lake if your student is not returning to school after the field trip.

Mad Minutes
 The children are working hard to do as many math problems as they can in one minute.The children will be asked to meet the second trimester grade level expectation of 20/30 on both the addition and subtraction Mad Minute (facts 9-18) by the end of May.  There are still several students who will need to pass the first level (facts 1-9) in order to move to the next level 
(facts 9-18). If your child is currently on the first level (facts 1-9) or getting 15 or below on their Mad Minutes (facts 9-18), they are considered in need of support and additional at home practice is required. Keep practicing your math facts at home and your child will soon reach or exceed each trimester expectation.

 You can assist our child with recognizing and counting coins by helping your child practice at home. Listed below are ways you can help starting from the basics.

Sort and Name the Coins - Give your child a handful of coins. Be sure you have included pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Please have your child place each type of coin in a separate pile. Ask for the name of each coin.
Compare Values - Lay out a penny, a nickel, a dime and a quarter. Ask your child to tell you the value of each coin. For example, a nickel is worth five cents. Ask your child to tell you which coin is worth the most and the least.
How Many Do You Need? - If your child seems ready, ask questions such as, "How many pennies do you need to equal a nickel?" or "How many nickels equal a dime?"
How Much Do I Have? - This activity is for children who recognize the coins and know the value of each one. Lay out several coins (start with two, build up to several). Have your child count coins telling you the total value of the coins. It is helpful to remind your child to start with the value of the largest coin and count on. Continue to practice as you go about your daily life. For example, when out shopping with your child, discuss the amount you are giving the clerk.

Important Events

Open House- 5/17- 6:45pm

Spring Concert - 5/18 - 8:30am

Reading Celebration - 5/19 - 1:30-2:30

Spring Lake Field Trip 5/26 - 7:00am

No School- 5/29

Last Day of School - 6/2

Spirit Day Every Friday - Wear Liberty Blue