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Baxman Bulletin
Mad Minutes
Mad Minutes started today during math class. Remember to practice math fact flash cards daily to help your child memorizes facts 1-9.  Each day the children will receive one page of 30 addition and 30 subtraction math problems. They will be timed for a minute. asked to draw a line, and finish each page. The children are asked to meet the first trimester grade level expectation of 20/30 on both the addition and subtraction Mad Minute. Mad Minutes are not easy in the beginning, but soon the children will memorize their basic facts and finish each addition level A1 and subtraction level A4
(sums & differences 1-9). Your child will soon reach or exceed each trimester expectation.

Liberty School Walk-A-Thon
The annual Liberty School Walk-A-Thon is Friday, October 6th from 12-7 p.m. First Grade students can be picked up at 2:30 but are encouraged to stay until they earn a metal (Bronze is 100 laps). This is a fun day for our students to walk around our track and help to raise money for our school. The event will have fun music provided by the Jeff Goodwin
(Noah's Dad), fantastic prizes, yummy food and a great time. Parents are invited to attend and cheer on their child to walk as many laps as possible. We need many volunteers to make this event successful.
Sign up to help to be a volunteer at:
    • When you leave this event, be sure to sign out at the check out booth and turn in your lap card(s).

    • All pledge sheets must be signed, monies collected and turned in to our class by Monday, October 2nd. 

    • Additional forms for this event are in the office.

  • ยท               RECYCLING CLASS COMPETITION:  Recycling donations will be collected the week of October 2nd - 6th. Please be sure to save up your recycling at home to bring in to help with our island. The class with the most recycling, wins an ICE CREAM PARTY!!  So bring in those cans and plastic bottles.  (Please no glass).  All recycling will be donated to the 4th grade to help fund their Balclutha Field Trip. 


Important Dates
Walk-A-Thon - Oct. 6
Pumpkin Patch Field Trip with K, K/1, 2/3 & 3 Classes - Walking Field Trip Oct. 18

 You can assist our child with recognizing and counting coins by helping your child practice at home. Listed below are ways you can help starting from the basics.

Sort and Name the Coins - Give your child a handful of coins. Be sure you have included pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Please have your child place each type of coin in a separate pile. Ask for the name of each coin.
Compare Values - Lay out a penny, a nickel, a dime and a quarter. Ask your child to tell you the value of each coin. For example, a nickel is worth five cents. Ask your child to tell you which coin is worth the most and the least.
How Many Do You Need? - If your child seems ready, ask questions such as, "How many pennies do you need to equal a nickel?" or "How many nickels equal a dime?"
How Much Do I Have? - This activity is for children who recognize the coins and know the value of each one. Lay out several coins (start with two, build up to several). Have your child count coins telling you the total value of the coins. It is helpful to remind your child to start with the value of the largest coin and count on. Continue to practice as you go about your daily life. For example, when out shopping with your child, discuss the amount you are giving the clerk.