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    Pledge sheets are due on Monday!  Please make sure you sign the bottom of your child's pledge sheet.  This is also their permission slip to participate.  All students are required to have a SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP, even if they are not collecting pledges.  

  • We are still in need of many volunteers!  Please sign up to help if only for any hour or two!

    The annual Liberty School Walk-a-Thon is on Friday, October 6th from 12:00-7pm.  TK & Kindergarteners must stay and walk until 1:15, but are encouraged to stay longer to try to earn a bronze metal (100 laps).  This is a fun day for our students to walk and raise money for the school.  This event has great music, wonderful food, fun prizes, and great company.  Parents are invited to attend and cheer their child on.  


    **When you leave, please make sure that you sign your child out to ensure that each child is accounted for**



    ·               All pledge sheets must be signed by a parent and returned to school by Monday, October 2nd

  •             All monies need to be collected and turned in by Monday, October 2nd.


    ·               Pre-Order dinner forms have been sent home or are available in the office.  They are due back no later than Monday, October 2nd.  A limited number of dinners will be available for sale that evening; however, it is strongly recommended that you pre-order.


    ·               RECYCLING CLASS COMPETITION:  Recycling donations will be collected the week of October 2nd - 6th. Please be sure to save up your recycling at home to bring in to help with our island. The class with the most recycling, wins an ICE CREAM PARTY!!  So bring in those cans and plastic bottles.  (Please no glass).  All recycling will be donated to the 4th grade to help fund their Balclutha Field Trip. 


    ·               Additional forms are available in office.


    Letter Learning

    October’s letters are: H, M, S, U.  By the end of each week, your child should be able to recognize the uppercase and lowercase letter for that week, the sound, and be able to write it.  If your child has not mastered the letter by the end of the week, continuing practicing it until he or she knows it with automaticity.  This month I will also be introducing the sight words: like, the, a, to, do, no, go.  By the end of the month your child should have these sight words mastered.  We will be reading and writing them in our phonics book and reading them in our readers.  By the end of the year kindergarten students need to know all 26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters, 26 sounds, how to write them, and the long vowel sounds.  While TK students need to know 20 uppercase letters, 20 lowercase letters, 20 sounds, and how to write them.



    In Kindergarten, for math we are working on number recognition to 10 and proper number formation.  We will also be practicing counting to 30.  You can help at home by practicing too!  We will be learning about patterning, ordinal numbers, and shapes this month.

    In TK, for math we are working on number recognition to 5 and proper number formation.  We will also be practicing counting to 10.  You can help at home by practicing too!  We will be learning about colors, shapes, & same and different this month.

    Community Helpers

    We have had several people come in this week to tell us about there jobs.  On Wednesday, we had a pediatric nurse come in to tell us about her job.  She allowed the students to use and explore the tools and instruments she uses.  On Thursday we had Dr. Gupta from Petaluma Kids Dental Group come in and talk about her job and a little about dental health.  Next week we will welcome a detective, a police officer, and a fire fighter.  A great big thank you to all parents who volunteered to come in.  We are learning a lot!


    The second week in October we will focus on fire safety.  During this week we will talk about what to do if there is a fire in your house, how and when to call 911, and stop, drop and roll.  This is a good time for you to talk to your child about it too and make an escape route out of your house and show your child where the smoke detectors are and what they sound like (now would also be a good time to replace the batteries in them).


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    Red Ribbon week is Oct. 22nd - 31st.  We have lots of fun activities planned.  With the younger students we are not focusing on “drugs” but rather on making healthy choices for our bodies.  The students will take part in decorating our school during this week to show our schools support in being drug free. The students will be coming home with special Red Ribbon treats during Red Ribbon Week.



    Our Halloween Party will be on Oct. 31st, with a school wide parade immediately following.   

    I will send out a Sign Up Genius next week!

    Thanks for your help in making this a fun day for our class.  


    On Halloween, students should bring their costume to school in a bag with his/her name on it.  The bag will be used to put their street clothes in after they change into their costume. Parents are asked to come and help their child put their costume on at 10:15.  If you are unable to come to help your child get dressed, please let us know ahead of time. All parents are invited to join us for this fun filled morning. 


    Halloween Schedule:


    10:00-10:30: Party Set Up

    10:15-10:30: Students get dressed into their costume.

    10:30-10:55: PARTY!

    11:00-11:40: PARADE

    11:45 DISMISSAL


    Parent/ Teacher conferences are scheduled for November 13th  – November 21st.  Dismissal for TK/Kindergarten is at 11:45 these days.  Next week I am sending out a schedule for you to sign up.   Our conferences are about 25 minutes and are for parents only.  Please mark your top three choices.  I will do my best to accommodate your preference. 

    (For divorced families, please communicate with each other to pick the 3 time slots for us to meet).  I also try to work with other teachers to align sibling conferences.  If you have a child in another class, please sign up early so I can try to accommodate your time preference.  Please turn in your conference schedule selections by Friday, October 20.  I will send home a note with the day and time of our conference the following week.  I look forward to meeting with you.


    Thank you for all of the book orders this month.  Through your purchases we were able to get several new books for our classroom. 

    Thank You!

    Parent Volunteers

    Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help in our classroom this year.  We are enjoying doing centers and could not have them run as smoothly with out their help.  If you are unable to volunteer on a consistent basis but have a free day here or there, feel free to contact me to come and help. The students love to see their parents be involved with their education.

    Mystery Readers

    I am looking for Mystery Readers.  A Mystery Reader is a person in your family (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, etc.)  who would like to read to our class.  The students do not know who you are but will try to guess with three – five clues.  This is a fun way to share a little about our families, some favorite stories, and encourage a love for reading. 

    All dates listed are Wednesdays at 8:25 am. 

    If you would like another date or time please contact me to make arrangements. 


    I am looking for a family member from each family to come in and read 1 -2 times during the year.  I will send you a reminder the Monday before.

     Please sign up at

  • Ink Cartridges

    The Liberty School collects empty printer, fax, copier, etc. ink cartridges.  Each month each teacher can turn in up to 10 cartridges to Staples or Office Depot and can receive up to $20 in credit to the store to buy supplies for the school or classroom.  I have been able to purchase many supplies for our classroom because of this program. 

    So send in those cartridges from home and work!

    Thanks in advance for your help!



    Weekly Reminders


    Monday- Return folder and Weekly Report (please initial the bottom corner)

    Tuesday- Science & Computers

    Wednesday- Return folders and library books

    Thursday- Music & PE (wear appropriate shoes)

    Friday- Return folder, homework, & Reading Log

    Wear Liberty Blue

    Cooking & Fun Friday


    Events Ahead

    Friday, October 6: Walk a Thon

    Wednesday, October 18th: Walking Field Trip to Chrisco Pumpkin Patch

    Friday, December 8th:  Field Trip to Spring Lake for Habitat an Home

    Monday, January 22nd:  Field Trip by Bus to Luther Burbank Center to see Golden Dragon Acrobats

    Tuesday, January 16th: Parent Math Night

    Friday, January 26th: Day 100

    Friday, April 4th:  Bay Area Discovery Museum 

    Thursday, April 12th: Bodega Bay Marine Lab

    Friday, April 20th: Field Trip to Spring Lake for Down the Drain