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    AUGUST 30, 2019

    Letter Learning

    We started ABC Boot Camp this week!  By the end of the 26 days, your child will have been exposed to all of the uppercase and lowercase letters, the sounds, and have practiced writing them.  For some students this will be a preview, and for others it will be a review.  I am hoping that in these 26 days your child will master a few of these if they do not know any.  For those that know them all, I am hoping that this provides mastery for your child and we can begin to read. This month I will also be introducing sight words.  We will be reading and writing them in our phonics book and reading them in our readers.  You will receive a new set of flash cards for these concepts each week.   It is important that you are practicing a few each night.  By the end of the year kindergarten students need to know all 26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters, 26 sounds, how to write them, the long vowel sounds, and 39 sight words.  TK will need to know 20 Uppercase letters, 20 lowercase letters, and 20 sight words.  


    Sight Word Readers

    Next week your child will receive his or her first sight word reader.  Here are some helpful hints to help your child read.  Have your child sit next to you.  Have him or her get their reading finger ready.  In the beginning, your child should point to each word as he or she reads it.  Read the title first.  While reading talk about the pictures and ask your child questions about the story.  As your child becomes familiar with these stories, he or she will memorize them.  This is just fine.  Most reading is based on memorization.  But you must insist that your child points to each word so that they are connecting the written text with the spoken word.



    In Kindergarten, for math we are working on number recognition to 10 and proper number formation.  We will also be practicing counting to 30.  You can help at home by practicing too!  We will also be learning about shapes, one to one correspondence and same and different this month.  In TK we are learning about numbers to 5, recognizing our shapes and colors.

    Community Helpers

    In a few weeks we will begin our unit on Community Helpers.  We are looking for parents that would be interested in talking to our class about their job.  If you are interested or have any questions, just let me know.

    Mystery Readers

    I am looking for Mystery Readers.  A Mystery Reader is a person in your family (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, etc.)  who would like to read to our class.  The students do not know who you are but will try to guess with three – five clues.  This is a fun way to share a little about our families, some favorite stories, and encourage a love for reading.  

    All dates listed are Wednesdays at 8:25 am.  

    If you would like another date or time please contact me to make arrangements.  


    I am looking for a family member from each family to come in and read 1 -2 times during the year.  I will send you a reminder the Monday before.  

    Please sign up here:

    Book Orders

    Online Ordering Information

    Web address:

    Class Activation Code: GKZP4


    Orders are Due:  Friday, September 6, 2019

    Walk A Thon Flag

    We are in need of a parent to help our students put our Walk A Thon flag together. The theme will be announced at the Walk A Thon kick off assembly.  I have a couple of ideas, but need a parent to gather supplies, help the students do their portion, and glue the pieces to it.


    Each year my class has the opportunity to buddy up with Mr. Ray’s fourth grade class.  Each TK/kindergartener is partnered with one or two fourth graders.  We have scheduled to meet with our “Buddies” once a week on Fridays.  Both the TK/kindergartners and the fourth graders look forward to this time each week. During this time students may work on a project, play a game, read to each other, or just take some time to enjoy each others company.  This is a long-standing tradition at Liberty School.  It creates a sense of community and creates memories and experiences that last a lifetime. I hope your child shares with you the exciting things he or she does with their buddy each week.  

    Weekly Reminders


    Monday- Return folder and Weekly Report (please initial the bottom corner)

    PE (wear appropriate shoes)

    Tuesday- Science & Computers

    Wednesday- Return folders and library books

    Thursday- Music 

    Friday- Return folder, homework, & Reading Log

    Wear Liberty Blue, Cooking & Fun Friday 

     Events Ahead

    Monday, September 2: Labor Day, No School

    Monday, September 9: Foundation Meeting 7pm Staff Room 

    Monday, September 16: Teacher Work Day, No School

    Thursday, September 26: Habitat and Home Field Trip

    Friday, October 11: Walk a Thon

    Monday, October 14: No School, Teacher Work Day