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    May 25, 2017

    Melissa Sapiane

    795-4380 ext. 103


    *Please have your child to school at 6:30 am

    *Your child will NEED A BOOSTER SEAT!!!!

    *Please send your child in appropriate walking attire, with water and a small backpack if they would like (they will carry all their own belongings).

    *We will provide your student with a snack

    *I must be notified before leaving for Spring Lake if your student is not returning to school after the field trip.

    *We look forward to a fun day!


    May Learning

    We have started our unit of study on the Rain Forest.  The students are excited to see our classrooms transformation.  

    In math, we are continuing to  work on addition and subtraction.  For the end of the year, your kindergarten child needs to be able to count to 100 and recognize and write numbers to 30. Reviewing these skills at home will make these concepts easier to learn by the end of the year.  We will be learning about money.  I have attached the money poem we say in the morning.  Singing it with your child will help them remember each coin and how much it is worth.


    Money, Money, Money


    Penny, penny

    easily spent

    copper brown

    and worth one cent



    Nickel, Nickel,

    thick and fat

    you're worth five cents

    I know that


    Dime, dime

    little and thin

    I remember

    you're worth ten


    Quarter, quarter

    big and bold

    you're worth twenty-five

    so I am told



    Our all-school field trip this year will be to Spring Lake on Friday, May 26.   Please consider chaperoning on this field trip, it is always a great experience.  Be on the look out for the permission slip this week.


    I have be started end of the year assessments this week.  Please make sure you continue nightly practice of the flash cards and phonics readers.  It is also important that all students get plenty of rest so they can perform to the best of their ability. 


    Open House

    Open House is Wednesday, May 16.   This is a great opportunity for your child to show off all of the wonderful things he or she has been working on all year long.  Parents and children are invited to come.

    Last Day of School & Party

    Our last day of school will Friday, June 2.  We will be going to Cal Skate.  We will leave at 8:30.  Skate from 9-11.  Then return to school for a Hawaiian Party.  School is dismissed at noon for kindergarten.  Please sign up to bring something for the party at:


    The end of the year is quickly approaching!  

    Please mark your calendar for the following dates:

    Last Day of Library: 5/17 

    Open House: 5/17 6:45pm


    Spring Concert: 5/18 8:30am


    School wide Field Trip to Spring Lake: 5/26


    Memorial Day- No School: 5/29


    Awards Assembly: 5/30 1:30pm (late dismissal @ 2:00)


    June/July Birthday Celebration: 5/31


    Last Day of School/Field Trip to Cal Skate: 6/2


    Don’t forget to clip your box tops and send them in!


     Thank you for your support!