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*Please scroll down to the bottom for 1st grade homework!

Please send in your child's permission slip for our Spring Lake field trip ASAP.  We are in need of drivers! Also, please make sure to sign both signature lines.  Thank you!



Due:  Friday, December 8, 2017


LANGUAGE: The phonics portion of the homework now will vary depending on your child's reading level.  I have sent home a copy of the phonics pages that your child completed in class last week.  Those completed can be used as an example of how to complete these pages and also the quality of work that is expected. Most directions are written on the page.  If they are not and you have any questions, please contact your teacher. Please help your child do their neatest handwriting and coloring on all phonics pages. Please review the letter formation page attached to your "Open House" packet if you have letter formation questions.


HANDWRITING: Please have your child trace and then practice writing the upper and lowercase letter Cc.  Please make sure your child starts in the appropriate place for each letter.


MATH:  Pages 22-24. Please complete each page carefully.  The directions are given at the bottom of the page. Please practice counting and identifying numbers to 30.


READING:  In addition to reading the sight word readers, please read to your child at least 100 pages this week and record it on your reading log.  Please tally the total number of pages at the end of the week.


FLASH CARDS:  Please practice letter, sight word, and number flash cards.  Please cut them out and practice them at least 10 minutes per night.


EXTRA HOMEWORK:  Some parents and students were asking for additional homework, so here it is.  I have sent home a monthly Activity Calendar.  Complete the activities that interest you and your child.  Fill out the form on the back and return it at the end of the month.


Thank you,

Mrs. Bianchini and Mrs. Sapiane





Due: Friday, December 9, 2017



HANDWRITING:  Please have your child complete the Ll and Mm handwriting pages.   Make sure that your child is forming the letters correctly, starting at the top, using 2 finger spaces between each letter and writing them using proper line placement.


SIGHT WORDS: Please complete the sight word page for "little" and "Look".  Your child should practice tracing, writing, spelling, and reading these sight words. 

PHONICS REVIEW: complete the phonics review pages.  Help your child practice: the days of the week, long and short vowel words, and develop visual preception by completing the words search.


MATH:  Please have your child write the answer ("difference") for the subtraction problems.   Time your student for one minute to see how many problems they can correctly complete.  After the minute is up have them draw a line and complete the rest of the problems.  When they have completed the page, help them by double checking that they have written the correct answer for each problem.  Also, help your student complete the number 15 and 16 number practice pages.



SIGHT WORD FLASHCARD REVIEW:  Please have your child continue to practice the sight word flashcards that were sent home last summer.  They should practice 5 at a time.  Once they have mastered those five add a few more.  Please continue to review the ones your child has mastered.  If you need another copy please contact me.


MATH FACTS FLASHCARDS: Please spend 5-10 minutes daily practicing the Math Fact triangles.  Remember to start with no more than 5 triangles.  Once those are memorized you may add more triangles to the pile.  Please remember to review the triangles that your student has already mastered to ensure that they are not forgotten. The benchmark for the March Report Card is 30/30 (sums 1-9) on both addition and subtraction.


READING LOG: Read and record at least 100 pages on your child’s reading log. Please record any books that were sent home for your child to read during the week.  Your student should be reading the Scholastic Mini Books at least 3 times before sending them back to school.  Please help your student build comprehension by asking them questions after they have read the story. Please remember that if your child is not reading at least 100 pages weekly and turning in their reading logs on time that they will not be eligible to attend our special reading awards.  This includes movies, other fun awards and activities!


Thank you for your at home support!

Mrs. Bianchini and Mrs. Baxman