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The Bianchini Bulletin
October Edition

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Due to the poor air quality we have decided to postpone the walking field trip to the Pumpkin Farm until Wednesday, October 25th. A new permission slip will be sent home tomorrow in your child's folder.

Liberty School Walk-A-Thon
The annual Liberty School Walk-A-Thon is tomorrow, Friday, October 6th. Kindergarten students can be picked up as early as 1:15 and first grade  students at 2:30 but all students are encouraged to stay until they earn a metal (Bronze is 100 laps). This is a fun day for our students to walk around our track and help to raise money for our school. The event will have fun music provided by the Jeff Goodwin, fantastic prizes, yummy food and a great time. Parents are invited to attend and cheer on their child to walk as many laps as possible. We need many volunteers to make this event successful.
Sign up to help to be a volunteer at:

    • When you leave this event, be sure to sign out at the check out booth and turn in your lap card(s).

  • ·               RECYCLING CLASS COMPETITION:  Recycling donations will be collected the week of October 2nd - 6th. Please be sure to save up your recycling at home to bring in to help with our island. The class with the most recycling, wins an ICE CREAM PARTY!!  So bring in those cans and plastic bottles.  (Please no glass).  All recycling will be donated to the 4th grade to help fund their Balclutha Field Trip. 


Meet The Monarchs

We are excited to announce the arrival of our first two Monarch butterflies, Speedy and Flutter.  The students have enjoy learning about the life cycle of a butterfly through reading books, worksheets, art projects, and watching the actual life cycle happen in our classroom.  The students were amazed as we watched eggs turn into caterpillars and then into chrysalises and then into a beautiful butterfly which we release as a class. The students named our 6 butterflies, Speedy, Lightening, Star Light, Flutter, Glitter, and Soccer Star.   

Parent Volunteers

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help in our classroom this year.  We are enjoying doing centers and could not have them run as smoothly with out their help. If you are unable to volunteer on a consistent basis but have a free day here or there, feel free to contact me to come and help. Also, a huge thank you to the parents or family members who came to discuss being a community helper!  The students loved learning about being a police officer (Steve Cummings) & detective (Keri Neve), dentist (Kids Care Dental), nurse (Lindsay Guddee), and fire fighter (Brent Weber). The students love to see their parents and families be involved with their education.  


Homework is sent home on Mondays and is due Friday of each week. Please be sure to check over your child’s homework for neatness and mistakes before turning it in on Friday. We are spending a lot of time correcting or completing homework in class.  It is VERY important to help your child form their letters correctly using proper formation and line placement.  Please click on the handwriting link under resources on the school’s home page to see examples of the correct formation and line placement for every letter.  If you spend the time now helping your student with this skill it will benefit you later.  Once a letter is cemented incorrectly it is very difficult to fix. In addition to the homework packet, each student is expected to read 100 pages or more per week, practice sight word cards, and math fact triangles (1st grade only) for at least 20 minutes each night.



Most reading groups will receive a small Scholastic book to take home and read at least two family members. The scholastic books may come home three to five times a week depending on how each group read that day in class. Be sure to ask your child every night if they have a book they need to read to an adult. Your child can read this book more than two times if they need to in order to work on accuracy and fluency (speed). These books can be put onto the Reading Log each week. I look at the Reading Logs every week to see who is reading the Scholastic books. The Scholastic books will count as 25 pages, just as all books under 25 pages count as 25 pages.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week is Oct. 24th-Oct. 31st.  We have lots of fun activities planned.  With the younger students we are not focusing on “drugs” but rather making healthy choices for our bodies (exercising, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, etc.).  The students will take part in decorating our school during this week to show our schools support in being drug free. The students will be coming home with a special Red Ribbon Week treats daily during Red Ribbon Week. 


Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner?  This is a fun filled day with lots of exciting activities including our annual Halloween Parade. The students will begin getting dressed in their costumes at 10:45.  It is very important that if you are unable to be at school to help your child get dressed that you let me know ASAP.  Please send your student’s costume in a bag Friday morning. The parade will begin at 11:15 and followed by our class party at 11:45.  Thank you to Nicole Rivas for coordinating our class party.  Party sign up sheet info will be sent out as the date nears. All students in our class will be dismissed at 12:10.  Happy Trick or Treating!

October’s Study Plan

    We will be learning lots during the month of October.  We will begin to learn about fire safety, how to stay healthy during Red Ribbon Week, Community Helpers and the holiday of Halloween.  Each one of these topics will be explored through many fun hands on projects, worksheets, Scholastic News, presentations, and assemblies.  Make sure to ask your student what they are learning about each day.


You can help your child recognize and count coins by practicing at home. The listed activities below will help your child better understand the concept of money.
 Count the Coins - Sort the coins and count how many of each coin.
Compare Value - Ask to tell how much each coin is worth and which coin is most and least.
How many do you need? - How many pennies do you need to equal a nickel, etc.
How much do I have? Lay out several coins. Count the coins by starting with the largest coin and count on.

To help your student identify each coin we have a fun poem.  We will begin practicing this during morning meeting starting this month.  Any additional at home support would be appreciated.

Penny, Penny, easily spent copper brown and worth 1 cent

Nickel, nickel, thick and fat, you’re worth 5 cents I know that

Dime, dime, little and thin, I remember, you’re worth 10

Quarter, quarter, big and bold, you’re worth 25, so I’m told

Math Facts- First Grade Only 

Please continue to practice math facts with your child daily.  I have noticed a big improvement with just a few weeks of practice.  We will start the timed Mad Minute in class next week.  The children work hard to complete as many problems correctly as they can in one minute.  Each day they will receive one 30 problem page of addition and one 30 problem page of subtraction.  The children will need to meet the benchmark of 15/30 to be on grade level for the November report card. The Mad Minutes are often challenging in the beginning but with daily practice they will quickly master their basic facts. Keep up the good work!

Prize Box

Thank you to the families that have donated items to our prize box!  The kids are so excited when they fill up their positive behavior card and get to pick an amazing prize to take home.  If you would like to donate any inexpensive item ($1.oo or less) please send it in.  We are going through prizes quickly with such and amazing group of kids!

Up Coming Events

Walk-a-Thon- Oct. 6th

Chrisco Pumpkin Patch Walking Field trip- Oct.18th - K and 1st grade

Fire Safety Week – Oct. 24th -Oct. 27th

Fire Station Field trip- TBA

Red Ribbon Week-Oct. 24th - Oct 31st

 Vet's Day Assembly- Nov. 8th

No School- Nov. 9th & 10th

Parent Teacher Conferences- November  

Liberty Spirit Day- Every Friday (wear Liberty Blue)

Library Day- Wednesday