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January Edition


We’re Learning A Lot

We are starting the New Year of by learning about lots of new and exciting topics.  We will be studying Martin Luther King Jr., The Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, The Presidents, matter, and beginning a unit on dental health.



Encouraging Independence

Can you believe that the school year is almost half way through.  The children have learned so much and have shown tremendous grown both academically and socially.  I am very proud of each and everyone.  In Kindergarten and first grade we encourage each child to develop the life skills of independence and responsibility.  We are encouraging you to have your child be responsible for their homework folder, library books, and walking into class by themselves. Developing these skills early will benefit them throughout their lives.


Drop Off and Pick Up

This is also a good time to get into the habit of dropping your child off in the drop off line and picking them up there.   When dropping off in the pick up line, please have your child with their belongings ready and let them hop out of the car themselves.  There is a parent greeter that will open the door of the car for your child.  You MUST stay in your car while in the drive through for everyone’s safety. 


A Few Ways to Help- First Grade

Here are a few ways you can help your child for the upcoming curriculum.

Reading - Focus on comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.


Math Facts - Your child should be doing at least 30 correct problems by the end of February. If your student is currently getting 20 or below on their Mad Minutes they are considered in need of support and additional at home practice is required. I will be sending the next set of Math Facts home (sums 9-18) this week.  Please have your student start practicing them once they have mastered sums 0-9.


Fine Motor Skills - Be sure your child starts and stops all letters and numbers in the correct spot and practice tracing shapes and cutting on the line.


Math Concepts - Counting groups of dimes, nickels and pennies, telling time to the half hour and place value with tens and ones,


P.E. - upper body strength (bar work) and stamina for running laps.



Kindergarten Reading Groups

In the next few weeks a few more Kindergarten students will start the Scholastic Readers.  They will receive the first grade flash cards as well.  If your child is chosen to be in this reading group, it is very important that you practice the sight word cards nightly.  Also, phonics readers will be coming home several times a week.  Have your child read the mini book to you at least 3 times and return it to school when they can competently read the story.  We will be doing several assessments to determine which students will comprise this group. 



Day 100

The 100th Day of school is quickly approaching and we need your help.  The 100th Day of school is Friday, February 7, 2020.  The fun will begin at 8:15 am and last until 11:45 am.  This day is going to be filled with a lot of fun 100th Day activities. We need parents to volunteer their time to help out with the many activities that we have planned for this day. Please email me or complete the 100th day of school volunteer form, if you are able to participate in this fun day!



Pasta Feed

 The Pasta Feed this year is on Friday, Feb. 7th at Holy Ghost Hall.  This is an exceptional community event filled with yummy food, great music, fun bingo, and wonderful conversation.  If you choose to enjoy this event please remember that your children should stay with you at all times and use walking feet while in the building.  Hope to see you there!



Upcoming Events


No School Jan. 20th-MLK Day


The 100th Day of School- January 27th- Parent Volunteers Needed


Liberty School Pasta Feed- Feb. 7th


Valentine’s Day Party Feb. 13th- 12:30-1:15- More info. to come