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The Bianchini Bulletin

September Edition


Class Schedule

Thank you for attending Back to School Night! It was a joy to meet and welcome all of you to our class.  I know that I cover a tremendous amount of information quickly at Back to School Night. I have listed some important reminders below.  I look forward to having your student in my class this year.  Please feel free to contact me at 795-4380 ext. 104 or email me at lbianchini@libertysd.org.


Monday- Return folders and Weekly Reports (please initial the

       bottom corner)

Tuesday- PE- K&1



Wednesday- Return folders and library books

      Library- K&1



                Computers- K&1


Friday-Return folders

            Homework is due

             Fun Friday

            Wear Liberty Blue to show school spirit


The Four Seasons

This week we will begin to learn about the four seasons.  The children will learn about the differences between each season and why we have seasons through fun art projects, books, and Scholastic Newspapers.  We will briefly explore all of the seasons and focus more closely on the season of fall.  Ask your child to tell you about this fun unit.


Community Helpers Needed

In a few weeks we will begin our unit on Community Helpers.  We are looking for parents that would be interested in talking to our class about their job.  If you are interested or have any questions, just let me know.

Parent Volunteers

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help in our classroom this year.  We will start our classroom volunteer schedule next week.  I am sending home the volunteer schedule tomorrow. I have many days still open without a volunteer.  If you are able to volunteer during morning centers please contact me ASAP.  If you are unable to volunteer starting next week, please contact me ASAP.

The students love to see their parents be involved with their education. If you are unable to volunteer in the classroom but can help from home please let me know and I will periodically send home cutting and gluing projects.


Prize Box

The students are very excited to fill up their positive behavior sticker charts. Many students have already visited our classroom prize box and many are very close.  I love purchasing items for our prize box to ensure that it is full of a variety of incentive prizes for our students.  Any small items that you would like to donate are greatly appreciated! 


Classroom Rules

The students are doing an amazing job learning and following our classroom rules! I am very proud of each and every one of them!  We continue to focus on the following rules:

-raise a quiet hand

-listen when the teacher is speaking with your eyes, ears, and hearts (do not talk/ touch your neighbors)

-use the bathroom and get water during appropriate times

(except in the case of a medical condition)

*Please note that I ALWAYS allow a child to use the bathroom when requested to eliminate “accidents”.  

-sit by a “learning buddy”




       Homework is a great tool to help reinforce and further cement academic concepts that are taught in class.  It is very important to help your child succeed by setting up good study habits early.  I recommend finding a quite spot with little distractions where you and your child can sit down and work together. Please check your child’s work to ensure that their homework is being completed accurately and neatly before it is turned in on Friday.  If your child’s homework is not turned in or incomplete they will need to redo it during Fun Friday. Remember that along with the weekly homework packet, we ask that your child read nightly (at least 100 pages per week) and practice flashcards. The red reading folder should be turned in Friday along with the homework packet. Thank you for your at home support and instilling good study habits in your child early on.


Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten we are working on number recognition to 10 and proper number formation.  We will also be practicing counting to 30. We have introduced counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  You can help at home by practicing too!  We will be learning about shapes and will begin to introduce 3D shapes. One to one correspondence, same and different, beginning graphing, direction following, and patterning are also areas we will begin to introduce this month in math.


Math Facts- First Grade Only

Please continue to practice math facts with your child daily. We will start the timed Mad Minute in class in the beginning of October.  The children work hard to complete as many problems correctly as they can in one minute.  Each day they will receive one 30 problem page of addition and one 30 problem page of subtraction.  The children will need to meet the benchmark of 15/30 to be on grade level for the November report card. The Mad Minutes are often challenging in the beginning but with daily practice they will quickly master their basic facts. Keep up the good work!



Love shopping? Need a quick gift? Stop by the School office to purchase your SCRIPT gift cards to your favorite stores. Every dollar spent helps the Liberty School earn money towards going on field trips.  It’s quick and easy and BENEFITS your child directly! Remember you can purchase SCRIPT anytime in the office.


Up Coming Events

Foundation Meeting 9/9 7:00pm

Staff In Service- No School 9/16

Spring Lake field trip 9/26- info will be sent home this week

Walk-a-Thon 10/1

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 10/18

Red Ribbon Week 10/23-31

Halloween Parade and Party- 10/31- Early Dismissal 12:10