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Please become a Friend of the Liberty Library. 
Your name and email will be added to a list of people who would like to help the library. Whenever help is needed for fundraising, library expansion, or other book events, you will be contacted. There is no commitment to help by signing up. 
Please contact Donna Ely via email to join.

Current Friends of the Library:
Clayton Arntz
Stefani Barajas
Yasmine Barajas
Dani Caldwell
Eric Chrisco
Donna Ely
Christine Finch
Tessah Finch
Mike & Ann Hearty
Lori Krist
Phoebe Marshall
Meaghan McMahon
Annika Mills
Krista Mills
Lamar Shahbazian
Katelyn Shahbazian
Joan Souza
Randy Stephens-Flemming
Ashley Taylor
Dick & Marge Tobias
Jody Weber

If you have any questions, please call your librarian:
Donna Ely
795-4380, ext. 111