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“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nov. 7, 2016

Dear Sixth Graders and families,

The Sixth grade students are working diligently every day. We are currently

  • finishing Early Humans in Social studies, and we will start studying mans' first civilizations
  • the Earth's structure in science, 
  • perspective drawing in art,
  • we are going to begin our Hour of Code computer programming project
  • are beginning our Autobiography Essay Project
  • reading a Newbury Award book , getting ready for our first book report due Nov. 8
  • and working with multiple concepts in math

Our Newbury Book dates are:
Obtain a book by Oct. 18 (in class, we have many books)
read book  and take ACR quiz by Nov. 1
Book project assigned and reviewed in class on Monday, Nov. 1
Book report due on Nov. 8

Our next essay is an Autobiography, a story about your student's life.
The students will bring home a set of questions on  Nov. 4 to ask you about their lives. This assignment also includes making a timeline, which we will start in class . The answers to the questions will be due back in class on Nov. 8. We will then start our timeline and organizing for our essay.

Parent Conferences are Nov. 14-18. We will have early dismissal at 12:10 from Nov. 14-Nov. 22.

 Please check your student's planner and our website to stay current on homework dates.
Students need to either bring on wear appropriate shoes and dress on Wednesday mornings, Friday mornings, and Thursdays for P.E.

Thanks to our Liberty School Board, we have access to over 132,000 accelerated reader tests. If you would like to see if a book has an accelerated reader test, you can log onto www.renlearn.com/store/ to do a search.


 Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Judy Bowser
(707)795-4380 ext. 114

Important Dates

ACR Benchmark dates for second trimester 2016-2017

1/3 of trimester...Dec. 8

2/3 of trimester...Jan. 19

Final ACR test date...Feb. 23

Nov. 9...Veteran's Day Assembly

Nov. 10...Veteran's Day/No School

Nov. 11...Teacher Work Day/No School

Nov. 14-22...Parent Conferences/early dismissal

Nov. 23-25...Thanksgiving Holiday/No School

Birthday Parties

 We want to remind everyone about our policy for party invitations that are given out by students to their friends. If  a student wants to hand out invitations at school, they either need to give them to all of the students or just one gender (for example, if little Johnny wants to invite all of the boys in his class). Otherwise, please hand them out off-campus if only select students are invited. We care about all of our students and do not want to see feelings hurt in such an unnecessary way. Thank you for your consideration.