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Earn money for our school N OW…

Purchasing Scrip gift cards through our school and registering your credit/debit/grocery cards to earn money while you shop is easy and convenient.  Participating businesses contribute a percentage of your purchases to the school of your choice.  It is no cost to you and our school generates revenue to fund field trips and many other programs for our students.



1.  Purchase Scrip Gift Cards at school. 

        •  We have a supply of popular gift cards available for purchase in the school office.  We carry a supply of Safeway, Luckys, iTunes, Starbucks, Chevron, and Target on a regular basis.  We have others available as well.  If you need a gift card that we don’t have on hand, please contact your coordinator and she will order it for you. Keep this supply in mind as holidays and special occasions approach!




2. Log on to escrip.com.

•  Register your credit cards/grocery loyalty cards/Debit Cards with escrip.com.  When you get to escrip.com you can view participating businesses by region.  When you click on a specific business it will tell you the locations that are participating and the cards they accept. Liberty will earn money every time you use the cards. When you log onto escip.com, click on “4 Easy Steps.”  Follow the instructions on the screen.  Liberty’s ID is 138056919.   Safeway cards MUST be renewed every year prior to Nov. 1.  You can renew your Safeway card through escrip.com. If you shop at Oliver’s or Petaluma Market, there is an applicaton you can fill out in the school office or at any checkstand in individual stores.  The store will issue you a card that can be scanned at the end of each purchase.  Raley’s has a similar program.  These stores donate a percentage of your purchases back to Liberty School so we earn money each time you shop.   


 3. Attention Target Shoppers.

        •  If you shop at Target, apply for a Target Credit Card (REDcard) in the store or online, or a Target Debit Card in the store.  When you receive the credit/debit card log onto Target.com and register your card for Liberty School (click the Manage My Account Link - then Take Charge of Education - then Enroll Now).  Liberty’s code is 32168.  Liberty School will earn money for your Target purchases through your Target REDcard/Target Debit Card.




√  Your Scrip coordinator this year is Katie Lundy (klundy@libertysd.org).

√  If you have a special gift card you would like to purchase, please contact your coordinator.

√  If you currently have a Safeway, Petaluma Market, Olivers, or Raley’s Card, make sure to register them online and designate Liberty School as the group you are supporting.

√  Look for information about a school-wide Super Scrip Challenge in November.  Make your Christmas lists early and order your gift cards through the Scrip Challenge.  The cards will be ordered in November and arrive the first part of December.